Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What Lord Julius stage!

test render


Message from Sandeep Atwal:
Yo peeps! Head on over to and check out the discussion. Anyone want to be responsible for making T-shirts and stickers, or getting in touch with other comics professionals? Anyone have anything to say about Cerebus at a conference? Let us know!

New episode of podcast "Wait, What?" with a spotlight on Cerebus

Comics Journal spotlight Puma Blues "..placing it in proximity with two of the period’s most enduring successes, Cerebus and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"

Comics Review looks at Puma Blues calling Dave Sim "the Moses of Independent creators"  who "trail-blazed the entire phenomenon for the rest of us. Passionately, stridently non-“mainstream”, he soldiered on"

Menachem Luchins, comic store owner of Escape Pod Comics:
Just an FYI, if you guys aren't reading Hereville by Barry Deutsch you're missing out on a lot of classic Sim-inspired paneling and lettering. I mean, you're also missing out on a great series, the third volume of which I just finished reading in it's final form. I noticed at least 4 Sim "lifts" that Barry pulled off so amazingly! It's a great book and a wonderful series. If your shop doesn't carry it, I can provide, though we are low on stock.

Jimmy Gownley (creator of NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING graphic novel "AMELIA RULES!" through Scholastic Books) will take a favorite sequence from CEREBUS (getting Sean to e-mail him the restored/and or original art scans for that sequence) and then draw his character into the sequence and do that as a series of digital prints at the forthcoming Cerebus GoFundMe site.
Plan is to have other professional comic artists do likewise.