Thursday, November 19, 2015

What Hicks!

rough puttogether


Norwegian historian, Øystein Sørensen, shares today his original Lord Julius  artwork used on the exclusive postcard in the ongoing Cerebus Kickstarter campaign

here's another original Cerebus artwork piece he posted today

Alex Raymond's Agent X9 has been reprinted monthly since 1974 in Norway - final issue now on sale. Below the bad reprint quality compared to IDW's latest high quality reprint offering. The Norwegian comic though titled "Agent X9" was a detective comic anthology featuring also other strips such as Alex's "Rip Kirby" among others, below I believe is from the amazing Al Williamson run on the series

To keep up with demand additional Agent X9 stories were created by King Features exclusively for the Scandinavian comic (it was also popular in Sweden, Denmark and Finland )

Cerebus Kickstarter (2 days left!) animated gif made by Barry Deutsch, the creator of the acclaimed Hereville Graphic Novel series.

Hereville #3 released this month. Get your copy today

Cory Foster's Cerebus reread continues with "Parte the Seconde"