Sunday, October 25, 2015

What "Flame Jewel" payoff!

test render


Cerebus tribute art

Nicholas Pendleton

Kevin Buckley

New addition by Gregory Benton to the wall of Cerebus at comic book store "Escape Pod Comics"

The next item for the Wall of Cerebus at Escape Pod Comics by Paul Maybury

More of the latest Cerebus tribute art posted at "Moment of Cerebus"

J James posts some of his original Cerebus pieces

RIP Murphy Anderson. From the Beat article: "Anderson even contributed to Cerebus Jam, a mix of the indie and “ground level” artists of the time."

Jesse Lee Herndon's new reviews of Cerebus issues

Cerebus youtube video posted

Cerebus kickstarter shout out at furry site because he is according to the site "one of the older proto-furry comics."