Thursday, February 5, 2015

What Cerebus Hearing!

rough test render. Not properly lit and colorgraded etc

Dave Sim ebay art auction

"Cerebus: Church and State" Graphic Novel restoration now begun - which bonus prints from this arch would you like to see? Also, Sean Michael Robinson asks if anyone has any original art work from this chapter.

Blog post with this title: "Looks Like a Dave Sim Hand"
The title refers to: pre-Cerebus Dave filled with selfdoubt about his ability to draw hands and then assured by a pro (Gene Day) that took a look at his drawing saying "looks like a Dave Sim hand"
Owner of comicstore "Escape Pod Comics" says: "I USE THIS STORY ALL THE TIME"

Paula Dow shares
Neal and Marilyn Adams holding Following Cerebus #9 signed by Neal Adams smile emoticon Great couple reminiscing about their fun times with Dave!