Sunday, January 12, 2014

What Medallions! Tavern Keeper! Mini Bar! Title!

medallions added using simulation SetUp by Nick Wolensky
(also vertices animated around eyes and where vest meets medallions in parts)

animation progress by Kevin Matsui

Mini Bar texture progress by Brian Evans

Cerebus cgi title progress by Wallace Kirkwood
Wallace says:
"I got the base texture done for the CEREBUS part of the title so far(ZBrush poly paint). I also have my psd set up now. I would say in a 2 or 3 more days and it will be complete.
Right now all your looking at is a diffuse map plugged in. I dont have a bump, spec gloss(eccentricity) maps yet. It will look a lot better up close when I finish it:) The bump, spec and gloss will help a ton for that stuff.
My psd is 8192 but the rendered texture I sent you is at 4096 for testing.
Then Ill get the lower letters done:)"