Monday, July 8, 2013

What Store! High Priest! Serpent! School!

"Heist Supply Store" Lighting progress by Nat Palazzo

Priest Rig joints appear solution by Nick Wolensky
One of our ncloth simulations artists: "joints are
crucial because i would be able to utilize the input mesh attract
feature of n-cloth with it." Nick: "All of the joints seem to be set to "bounding box" mode which actually turn off the joint viewport icons. (You can actually see this under the Display | Drawing Overrides | Level of Detail attribute in the attribute editor for a given joint). So running the script essentially finds all of the joints and runs a loop on each of them switching the level of detail back to "full". I'm guessing the rig was designed this way as a full proof way to protect animators from breaking the rig. But anyway, hope this helps."

no sword fix animation update by Rob Ellis
One of our earliest animations where we originally had them all holding swords -but changed it as Cerebus is hired as "the muscle"

CEREBUS: LOW SOCIETY - get your copy today!:) From the students of the "Cerebus Comic Book Class" taught by Rob Walton of "Ragmop" fame!
One of the students says: Hello Friends. If you wish to purchase a copy of CEREBUS: LOW SOCIETY, please go into your local comic shop and pre-order using the Diamond code STK618535.