Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What Props!?

Progress on well for City Environment by Steven Shearing

Door for city environment by Evan FireHeart

speaking of props: all of our props for Cerebus are now pretty much done as of yesterday. Now playing around with placements of the props on Cerebus.
To explain why there are two versions: the working title of the film is "Cerebus - Tale of a Fractured Destiny". This fracturing happens when Cerebus, in order to fit in, trades his helmet for a "merchant vest" and paints his medallions with the "Merchant Guild Symbols". Had he not done so he would have become "the chosen one" and become "brute force triumphant". Luckily for all his destiny did get fractured:)
This story can be found in the comic series -if you read: issues #1, #4, #5 and #13 -though the important revelation in #196.