Sunday, January 30, 2011

What Pond? What TV?

Bassin for the pond in the Wizard's courtyard by Ludo Ludovic.
The Wizard's courtyard is where Cerebus fights the Shadow Beast in issue #1.
Below Ludo has done a preliminary mock-up for the Courtyard:
and he's also laid out how the Wizard's Castle and Courtyard are situated in relation to one another and the rest of the city, and a suggested path of entry for Cerebus and his two Brtohers-in-crime when they conduct their heist of the Wizard's Flamejewel:

Also, all this weekend on Cerebus TV:

Another "Quick Cuts" episode! Quick looks at: CEREBUS ARCHIVE, now coming to an end of it's 2nd year, a revolution in comics publishing called FDC? What is it and how do do you get it? Why is the CEREBUS ARCHIVE #11 cover in pieces? The Seriously-Dissociated Doug Mackenzie of Earth-Two flies solo on a "beauty use" for the CEREBUS TV coffee mug. Back by popular demand: Part 2 of "Apology to Brian Bolland" this time with hard visual evidence from the late WIZARD magazine. And update on the Church & State Dream Wall in Michigan, the most elaborate Cerebus Art Commission Ever! The next few pages of "The Last Day of Alex Raymond" -- all this and NEMISES artist McNiven gets his Supermobile, courtesy of Eric Hoffman, by way of Dave Sim. And the world's shortest Frank Cho interview.

It's the fastest half hour on Internet TV