Friday, January 7, 2011

What Medallions!?

Medallions by by Reginald Pierre
Next he'll do the version where Cerebus paints the symbols on it.

Progress on City Environment by Steven Shearing
For fun he also did a 3D version (see below)

Tonight and all weekend: Dave Sim/CEREBUS TV 7 January 2011

EPISODE 44: A "behind the scenes" look at the January issue of glamourpuss, No.17 -- "The Wit & Wisdom of JFK" (hey, I had to come up with SOMETHING with gp up on charges as an accessory to cocaine trafficking) and my speculations on what Alex Raymond and Stan Drake might have been discussing on the fatal day of 6 September 1956.
Bonus! It all starts with a Cerebus head sketch request from Jesse Herndon in Massachussetts and ends up with the C-Minus Kid "rocking out" to the 'Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers' theme song. Only on CEREBUS TV.

week of 7 January to 14 January. premiere showing 7 January at 10 pm ET