Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Instead of "What Comics Entertainment" were now calling ourselves "Wot Comics":)
Dave Sim, Cerebus Creator, faxed over his great drawings of Alan Moore, writer of "Watchmen", to accompany the Max Southall press release for this Friday's Cerebus TV episode (10PM Eastern):

"'All and Moore!' What's Dave Sim's favorite Alan Moore-related artifact in the Cerebus Archive? The answer - will surprise you! Also the auction of the ORIGINAL color cover to the new edition CEREBUS GUIDE TO SELF-PUBLISHING (see the latest issue of PREVIEWS), Christos Gage on current projects and Dave Sim's influence. All this - and Moore -- er -- More in Store!"

Sim also asked if we had any visiuals from when we did all the voice-recording. Honestly I didn't think of video recording or picture taking so much at the time...but yet we should have a little something put together for a future episode:)

Also, despite being busy with the animatic (mentioned in the previous blog entry) this Friday will see the total of 4 new animated bumpers!

And while I'm at it: let's take a look at the remarkable beginnings of the 3d model "Lord Julius" by the incredibly talented Trevor Sieben. Wow! You just know it's going to look great.

Oh, and don't forget to check out the new webcomics (each and every Wednesday!)
Captain Zap and Reality Stripped. More new "Young Cerebus" coming soonish.