Tuesday, May 9, 2017

What Redness?

rough render progress
(Red Sophia came out a bit wonky...)
here's a in-progress version till we get the redhead properly rendered - more characters still to be added


Speaking of redheads:
Gerhard draws Red Sonja and Cerebus and more

"Cerebus in hell? issue 3 nudity on cover controversy:)
The Comics Journal in it's "This week in comic" segment spotlights "Cerebus in hell? #3" cover as well: "This cover makes me wild. I’ve been looking at it for 2 days! What in the world."

Original Cerebus publisher Deni Loubert on list of "5 Female Publishers Who Changed Comics"

"War of the Independents issue #4" now finally in Diamond Comics Distributor's catalog: Previews! The indie comic crossover mega event featuring Cerebus with a cast of every alternative comic super star continues!!
 as you see in the description from the thumbnail: the story is they are all in search of Cerebus' helmet

Also Cerebus film Director Oliver Simonsen's own comic character get's an appearance in this issue - here's a peek of legendary Don Simpson's excellent adaptation of Cap Zap and his sidekicks: the robot A-1/1-A and Polly the Bird. And in a case of comics metaphysics they didn't know he was planning on killing Polly...eeerie:)

The Under Guides Graphic Novel Podcast start a Cerebus review series with the first 6 issues (at 23:00) - includes Cerebus film music from Jeff Tundis (former right hand man of Dave) and voice clips by Jeff Seiler as Elrod the albino in our movie.

Dave Sim Weekly Update: Awesome Canada & More Colin Upton!