Wednesday, April 12, 2017

What Flying Jump!

test render progress


"CEREBUS ARCHIVE VOL 04" among Diamond Distributors top sellers via their Previews catalog

"Flying Fortress" comic artist Eric Weathers draws Cerebus
for a look at his comic

Cerebus by author (and painter) Jim Anotsu
a list of his books

Steve Peters creator of the comic Comicsverse, and currently doing a kickstarter, shares:
Some of you might remember I was doing some "Cerebus in Rabbit Hell" strips for my next comic (I posted one here and a few on my Patreon page). I thought it'd be fun to commission Mr. Sim to write a couple of them for me. Well, I got them back today (super fast! Dave is always the consummate pro), and they're great! I keep cracking up when I look at them. Can't wait to share them with the world.