Friday, March 3, 2017

What Sipping!

test render


NEW Cerebus online comics!

Dave Sim Weekly Update: Gary Boyarski's "Jack Grimm" very much recommended and Cerebus featured in Litrary Arts Magazine: "Taddle Creek" and Chess Hall of fame exhibition "Chess of comics"

"Orbital Comics" reviews: "Cerebus in hell?": "bringing us back to Cerebus’ beginnings in that it’s just straight up funny and irreverent taking pot-shots with almost childish glee....silly, but more often than not eliciting a smile and a hearty guffaw. This book should appeal to anyone with a funny bone and will hopefully serve as an interesting introduction for the uninitiated to Cerebus."

A glass Cerebus drawing in the newly opened "Anyone Comics" on Brooklyn

Mage compared to Cerebus in Bleeding Cool article