Thursday, February 23, 2017

What Question!

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Danish comic podcast highlights Cerebus
Kasper Meyer gives a  loose transcription:
"Cerebus in Hell! It’s been 40 years since Dave Sim started his Cerebus series. It’s a great comic book, even with its controversies. In the light of its 40 year anniversary he’s made a 4-issue mini series, where issue 0 and 1 is already out. If you in any way liked the original run, you owe Sim to check out his latest project. They cost 36 DKK per issue."
Kasper also shares this wonderful story:
Morten S√łndergaard is a really great guy. I always visit his store "Fantask" when I'm in Copenhagen, and he always have fascinating stories to tell.
I once asked if he had any Cerebus in stock, and while he dug it out, he told me that he was one of the first stores in the world to sell Cerebus, back in the seventies. As a token of gratitude, Dave sent Morten a complete collection of Cerebus when it was finished back in 2004. Morten proceeded to give the entire collection away for free to a regular customer of his store whom he knew would appreciate it more.

Here are links for TWO of his ongoing webcomics
Strangebeard (updates Tuesdays and Thursdays)
The Adventurers (updates Wednesdays and Fridays)