Friday, February 17, 2017

What Guarded Guard?

test render

test render


Dave Sim taking "Cerebus in hell?" parody cover suggestions
here's one suggestion so far

"The Amazing Cerebus #1", "WatchVark #1" and "The Vark Knight Returns #1" a sneak peek at covers in-progress!

All new "Cerebus in hell?" comic strips!

Dave Sim Weekly Update: Rick Veitch's Spotted Stone, Rob Walton's new Ragmop and a Cerebus/Starchy The Dark Spud Crossover!

Craig Strzelecki creator of the comic "Citrusman" draws Cerebus

Anna Fröhling drawings of Cerebus

And Cerebus continues his guest appearance in the comic Sunnyville Stories

Gary Boyarski share a fun fact: Google puts Dave Simat the top of the list when you search "famous comic creators".