Tuesday, November 1, 2016

What Mysterious Outsider! What Poster!

"Mysterious outsider protagonist opening idea" rough puttogether of test renders 

well ok super rough movie poster idea using a free template and readily available images, some that didn't have an alpha channel -with the right ones  and some further finesse however...maybe. 
Inspired by this Cerebus comic cover featured in the brand new hardcover book from IDW "CEREBUS COVER ART TREASURY"
photograph by Menachem Luchins‎ who has the book available at his comic store Escape Pod Comics


Michael Yakutis‎ shares his new Cerebus tattoo
Michael says:
Now that it's all healed up I can finally share my new Cerebus tattoo! This was a b-day gift from my lovely fiance. It's from issue 195, the first issue I ever bought/read. I was around 12 years old or so when I first read it and needless to say I was confused as hell but I could tell that it was special. It wasn't until I became an adult that Cerebus became my favorite comic book character. And now I'm stuck with him forever! I still have that copy of 195. I consider it one of my prized possessions.

John Christian shares his Cerebus framed art