Saturday, November 19, 2016

What Chop! What Hurling!

slight test render update

test render


Dave Sim Weekly Update: Penguin/Random House deal

This week's online "Cerebus in hell?" comic strips

Cerebus Superfan Award winning Jesse Herndon is back with "Sanctuary of Reality". Jesse says: "Finally finished video-reviewing all of "Cerebus: Jaka's Story"!

"Cerebus: Melmoth" Graphic-Novel-restoration-kickstarter continues

Page 45 "Cerebus: Cover Art Treasury" review

a Spanish comicbook youtube channel made a brief clip skimming the book "Cerebus: Cover Art Treasury"

"32 PAGES, 2 STAPLES" podcast praises "Cerebus in Hell? #0"
and "Cerebus Cover Art Treasury" and new Gerhard/Morrison story in "Heavy Metal #283" (starting at 31:00)

Joe Pruitt draws Cerebus