Thursday, September 22, 2016

What Moon!

"CGI Clouds with CGI Moon added" progress by Rob Ellis


This week's "Cerebus in hell?" strips

The Comics Journal reviews the book "The Greatest Comic Book of All Time" - features a chapter on Cerebus
From the review: "Each possible “Greatest Comic Book of All Time” is given [it's own chapter with] pros and cons in terms of popularity/sales and esteem (not just how beloved it is, but who loves it). And in almost every case, it is made clear that the choice of comic book or cartoonist they chose to consider is in some way a stand-in for many other possibilities (Art Spiegelman’s chapter could have been about Alison Bechdel, Alan Moore’s about Neil Gaiman, Archie comics about Dell or Disney)."

From "Amazing Heroes" Cerebus, featured prominently in the foreground, drawn by legendary Bruce Timm, co-creator and producer of "Batman: The Animated Series" among many other things - posted yesterday at the "Darwyn Cooke and Bruce Timm" tumblr page