Tuesday, July 12, 2016

What Friends!

test render


Comic artist Stave Peters does his own version of "Cerebus in hell?".
Steve says:
"Cerebus in Rabbit Hell #3. Obviously, a parody of Dave's current project. To date I've done 3 of these, and plan to do more for a future publication"
Comic Artist Steve Lieber draes Cerebus

"We got the geek" new podcast interview with Alfonso from "Studio Comix" where he gives a big announcement exclusive regarding upcoming project with Dave Sim , if i got that right? Starts at approx 18:00 http://wegotthegeek.com/interview-alfonso-from-studio-comix-at-the-canadian-toy-con-june-2016/

Harvey and Eisner Award winning Marvel artist (of Thor and Daredevil among others) Chris Samnee draws Cerebus revisited http://browsethestacks.tumblr.com/post/147187605879
also this one http://www.chrissamnee.com/2008/01/cerebusin-technicolor.html