Saturday, May 28, 2016

What Spying!

rough test render


Cerebus on list of "greatest metafiction comics in history"
From the article: "The comic is so complex that it’s inspired legions of fans to worship and pick it apart, since it began in the late 1970s."

Today there was a keynote on "Cerebus Syndrome" (the slow move from light to heavy topics) by Dr Harriet Earle at King's College London
"Can you correctly identify 25 of the IGN Top 100 Comic Heroes?" game featuring Cerebus among the top 25 IGN comic heroes.

Tom Allman shares his new Cerebus tattoo

Don Murray shares Cerebus art by Dave and Gerhard on the back of his denim jacket

 Rapper Astronautalis calls Cerebus "MOST IMPORTANT COMIC BOOK OF ALL TIME"
Also, it would be an honor to have him in the film
Menachem Luchins who runs the Comic Book Store Escape Pod Comics suggests Astronautalis play the role of
Dave Sim Weekly Update: "New Mr. A by Steve Ditko!"