Thursday, April 14, 2016

What Throwing!

test render


War of the Independents #4 premiering at this weekend's East Coast Comicon - featuring Cerebus along with others

Synopsis from Red Anvil's facebook page where you can also order a copy:  A team of indie comic book stars help our hero Cerebus look for his helmet, only to find it in the hands of Public Enemy! Order today at

Also features, I'm honored to say, my (I'm Oliver Simonsen), comic book character Captain Zap (and his sidekick robot 1-A!:)) from my critically acclaimed (praised by Stan Lee, Will Eisner, Dylan Horrocks, Howard Cruse, Mary Fleener and many many more. Hey, Dave Sim called it genius:)) series of the same name featured in the awesomely epic War of the Independents #4. And drawn by legendary Donald Simpson no less. Truly a highlight of my life

The Cerebus review series "Sanctuary of Reality" returns after a 6 month hiatus