Thursday, April 28, 2016

What Cerebus Sees!

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New episode of the Cerebus review series Sanctuary of Reality - Ep 117 reviewing Cerebus issue 118

Today's episode of the comic podcast "Silence!" features Cerebus

The Tick and Cerebus by Ben Edlund and Gerhard
from the just out now "War of the Independents" issue #4

Also, on the first page we get a cameo of characters from the comic Captain Zap by Oliver Simonsen, the Director of Cerebus film.

Drawn by legendary comic artist Donald Simpson we see "Captain Zap" and his two side kicks: the robot "1-A" and the bird "Polly" - the latter we witness getting killed. (Oliver was actually planning on killing off the character anyway - talk about comic metaphysics!:)) by Reid Fleming's World's Toughest Milkman.

As you see above in the first panel the comic series is about finding Cerebus' helmet - below are a few more images from the quest...
                                                     with Cerebus and Gumby
leading Zippy and Usagi among others
for a while Flavor Flav has the helmet
and so does Too Much Coffee Man 
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And since it's TBT here's a look back at Dave Ryan, President of Red Anvil Comics, in a cameo from an early behind the scenes look at the making of the Cerebus film:)
(at 3:37 and 5:03)