Friday, January 15, 2016

What Movie Posters!

Cerebus Movie Posters idea - one for each of the various characters in the film though only 3 done so far.


Walking Dead compared to Cerebus
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and "The Beat"

From the article: "The same creative team has produced The Walking Dead for 144 issues. Charlie Adlard has been the only artist to work on the series since replacing the original artist Tony Moore on The Walking Dead #7; Robert Kirkman has written the entire series. There are very few examples in American comics of creator owned series that lasted so long with a consistent creative team. Dave Sims’ Cerebus and Savage Dragon are the only obvious counterparts with 300 and 210 issues, respectively. Whatever your opinion of these series, the dedication of their creators and loyalty of their fans speak to a very rare occurrence within the medium."

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