Wednesday, December 30, 2015

What New Year! What Resolution! What Shadows!

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Here's a list of 47 animated films actually coming out in 2016:)

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here's also an alternate version


Cerebus Action Figure Jan 2016 update (a little early)

Xmas countdown with EJ Feddes'1989 remembrance of a Cerebus movie compared to The Simpsons. Sorta:)
From the countdown: "I was a big fat dork, and I didn’t know a single person who cared about the stuff I loved. And it wasn’t the buffet of awesome that it is now. Animation was largely dead except for toy tie-ins. There was no Pixar or Adult Swim. It was just me thinking about how awesome it would be if they made a Cerebus movie and nobody wanted to hear me talk about Cerebus. But The Simpsons, that was a popular thing that I loved. It didn’t make me cool or well-liked, but at least I could be enthusiastic about something and other people knew what I was talking about."

And another xmas counbtdown with Dave Sim as #1

The latest addition to Wall of Cerebus at the comic shop Escape Pod Comics by Claire Connelly