Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What High Priest!

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Bleeding Cool article on "Meet and Greet Cerebus Giveaway"

The Comics Reporter article on "Meet and Greet Cerebus Giveaway"

Interview with Brian Hibbs, founder of legendary comicbook store "Comix Experience" - mentions "Cerebus" as a favorite comic
Brian Hibbs: "I've always been most attracted to comics with a clear and distinct authorial voice. It's all about the creators communicating their passion through the rhythms of comics"

Robert Goodin comics artist who also worked on animated shows such as Duckman sites Cerebus influence
"As I entered college as an illustration major at Cal State Long Beach, I was reading very few comics. One of them was Cerebus, a bit of a gateway drug out of the superhero tunnel vision."

Cerebus influence on "Generation X"
"He uses all the little tricks that Dave Sim and Tom Orzechowski taught the world, with words bouncing all over balloons as they'd be spoken"