Thursday, July 23, 2015

What Wall Hitting!

test render


New review of Cerebus #32 by Jesse Lee Herndon

The Comics Reporter: "finally, Tony Millionaire draws Cerebus."

"Fables" compared to Cerebus in Vulture interview
Fables Creator Bill Willingham:
"My initial conviction, once it looked like the thing had legs and that it would go for a while, was that I wanted Fables to run for one more issue than [Dave Sim’s comic] Cerebus. That was, at 300 issues, the longest-running series by a single creative team, so I would’ve liked to do 301 just to do one better. So, by that definition, we only got to the halfway point. But what really determined it was that as we approached this final story line, it began to feel like the final story line. It felt appropriate."

The Comics Journal looking forward to Dave Sim’s Alex Raymond book