Sunday, July 19, 2015

What Tavern Fighting!

test render

Our "Render Slave" workstation Cinebench render score "2989" among top 4 compared to this list
Cinebench is the standard by which the industry tests it's computer's rendering capacity so we're the 4th best in the world that we know of:) Our scores are the top 2 in the jpeg above - scores varies depending on how long the computer has been on, room temperature etc the last one not always conducive since it's summer.


Weekly Update: CEREBUS SUPERFAN AWARD goes to Jesse Lee Herndon! Plus, Dave replies to a letter from the Wall Street Journal!

And thank you to those in the "Moment of Cerebus" blog comments section and in the "Official Cerebus facebook group" who think I should get one too - very honored to be mentioned in such esteemed company as Margaret Liss, "Cerebus Fangirl" herself.

Cerebus High Society on list of top legal free comics

Jesse Lee Herndon reviews issue 27 and 28