Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What Asking! What Up Getting!

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Cerebus TV runs a re-edited with new material "Cerebus Guide To Self-Publishing Special" episode

Comicbook writer Paul Tobin sites Dave Sim advice
He says:
 "I wrote a bunch of novels that are junk… just total junk. But it was during that time that I really learned how to write. Dave Sim (of Cerebus fame) once said that the only way to learn to draw is to buy a stack of paper that’s taller than your head, and then fill all the pages, both sides, with drawings. That’s sort of how I feel about writing. You have to write yourself through an incredible amount of junk. Learning comes in small increments. I came out of that time period a much better writer, and… incidentally… a lot less temperamental about working with artists. I learned about the collaboration process of comics during that time period as well."

Film Director and Shuster Award winning comic writer Kaare Andrews honored to be in Cerebus company

New reviews of Cerebus issues 14-19 by Jesse Hearndon