Friday, April 17, 2015

What Main Title!

test render with alpha channel

Dave Sim Weekly Update #78: "All Good Things Come In Threes"

Progress on cgi version of Gerhard's "The Sanctuary" by John Eyre spotlighted at "Moment of Cerebus" blog


Bleeding Cool article on "one page a day of Cerebus for free with permission" on Tumblr

Jesse Moynihan, writer/storyboard artist for the Cartoon Network show, Adventure Time: "I like to talk about how much of an inspiration Dave Sim was for me"

Derek Laufman, co-founder of indie videogame developer Halfbot, draws Cerebus

Trevor Durham on Cerebus as he's about to embark on a reread of all 300 issues

"13th Dimension" shoutout to new Digitally Restored 30th Anniversary Cerebus: High Society

Cerebus listed on Berkeley Place Blog "100 Best Single Issue of all time"

Bleeding Cool article about Cerebus Kickstarter success