Saturday, January 17, 2015

What 37 years! What Opening!

Dave Sim drawing for "Cerebus: Fractured Destiny" film team member, Antony Buonomo

Antony did the opening for Best Picture Oscar winner "12 years a slave" and is doing likewise for the Cerebus film.

Dave's feedback on a super rough mockup (this mockup wasn't done by Antony) (click to enlarge)

Instructions for Antony (I had originally not received the following 2 fax pages, only a partial of the second one, guess I need a new fax service:) so Dave faxed John Funk (who is doing the Cerebus Archive Folio Kickstarters with Dave) who then in turn emailed the faxes to me)

News of our film is also featured at a leading Italian comic site

Interview with french translator Patrick Marcel (Sandman, Game of Thrones etc), who is a huge Cerebus fan since he was 13