Monday, October 13, 2014

What pouch of gold! What Necross anticipation! What race!

We've been on a little hiatus. My main computer went down which gave us additional time to go over notes on the recent rough cut and what to focus on and set up a game plan.

render progress by MegaRender

lipsync and animation update progress by Philip Alexy

layout, sword added animation update by Rob Ellis

Cerebus Kickstarter New Bonus Prints!

Octoberfest Cerebus style by Gerhard!
Also here's Dave from a few days ago on his way to Octoberfest with cartoonist Mike Kitchen and his family

New Cerebus Film Tumblr page!

Site excited about the new "Cerebus Volume 1 Remastered Edition" and will be reading Cerebus for the first time

Spawn creator, Todd McFarlane tells USA Today he won't be satisfied until he surpasses the now-coveted #300 mark held by Dave Sims' "Cerebus". He says: "I have to have that record, too,"

Cerebus Graphic Novel restoration and cleanup progress!