Saturday, October 25, 2014

What Cerebus and Lord Julius! What Corner Turning!

animation update by Sergey Belyaev

animation update by Sergey Belyaev

sword added by Rob Ellis


Dave Sim now answering questions! 3 hours left of Kickstarter campaign!
particularly apropos our film, i think, was this response (click to enlarge)

Dave Sim Kickstarter optimism: "the way that STAR TREK fans brought STAR TREK back to life and got a movie made after however many years when STAR TREK had DOA stamped all over it in any conventional sense. Well, you know, that's CEREBUS In Spades."

A sports vs comics forum discussion takes an interesting Cerebus turn:)

Cerebus by Locke & Key and Little Nemo in Slumberland artist Gabriel Rodriquez. #Inktober
"InkTober" drawings from up and coming artist Nick Pendleton

David Felizarda
Dave J. Woodward

Interview with author J.F. Lewis: "Cerebus: High Society & Church and State I & II" on list of most influential Graphic Novels