Sunday, July 20, 2014

What Thrunk! What Despuess! What Necross!

animation and layout progress by Sergey Belyaev

layout progress
(excuse the temporary plasma pile placeholder:))

Layout and Medallion necklace and Vest simulation progress using script/code SetUp by Nick Wolensky

"Cerebus face-to-face with Necross" rough test render

Original Cerebus art for sale in support of Estate of Craig Miller, a trust fund for his 10 year old daughter. Craig was co-author of "Following Cerebus".

Artists email Lynn Reznick Parisi ( with your support. DEADLINE IS TUESDAY 7/22 - 4 PM EASTERN TIME. It is believed the Kirby case and the heirs of the creators of Superman case will be considered together by the Supreme Court because the issue is the same.