Monday, June 23, 2014

What Blood! What Clouds! Ground! Pigt Tribe! Tavern Fight! Farmer Surprise!

"blood splatter" concept rough layout progress

"clouds part" concept rough layout progress

Temple texture progress by Brian Evans

layout progress by Jennifer Longe

suggested storyboard by Daniel Grant
It's a great storyboard -is it awesome enough to warrant redoing the entire scene? Let me know what you think.

animation progress by Kevin Matsui

"Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream" with artwork by Cerebus-comicbook-environment-artist Gerhard

And Gerhard draws Cerebus himself!

Colourized Cerebus pages
 additional pages here

Hollywood Reporter article on the upcoming "not work-made-for-hire" case!
which was followed up with this:
Legendary comic book artist Stephen Bissette says: THIS is traction. By all means—the Hollywood guilds are now doing more than all of "comics fandom" has about the Kirby heirs and this issue.