Friday, April 4, 2014

What Nama Lotus! Store Owner! Castle Disappears! Statue! Title!

"Nama Lotus" Shading/Lighting update by Monika Filipowicz

Store Owner texture progress by Ina Carine

layout and merchants animation by Rob Ellis

Decorative Statue texture progress by Brian Evans

Title close-up details by Wallace Kirkwood

Rough puttogether of existing test renders for fun


Chief Creative Officer and Editor-in-Chief of IDW Publishing Chris Ryall and his family drawn by Cerebus creator Dave Sim
Chris Ryall says:
Here's the family and I as visualized through the brush of Dave Sim. Seemed appropriate to post today on my 10th wedding anniversary (even though the kid came along a couple years later).
Also, it’s insane for me to think that Dave Sim drew us at all, so any reason to post this, I’ll take it. Plus, I look like a character in Cerebus, which is even better