Sunday, November 24, 2013

What Cinematic Score! What Vest! What Medallions!

Cinematic Score progress by Nils Jiptner

Cerebus gets vest - layout progress

Cerebus paints "Merchant Guild Symbols" on his medallions - layout progress


IDW announced this week that CEREBUS HIGH SOCIETY AUDIO/DIGITAL will be shipping in an "up market" gift box format in May of 2014 priced at $19.95

Comics Speaker Forum in England. Julia Round introduces Ian Horton topic Dave Sim's Cerebus the Aardvark, Self-publishing, the Direct Market and Creative Freedom. Had to be there, i guess:)

Cerebus on Comics Reporter list of
1) The First Comic Of Any Kind You Remember Reading
2) A Comic That Got You Back Into Reading A Certain Kind Of Comic After You'd Given Up On That Kind Of Comic
3) A Comic That Got You Reading A Different Type Of Comic Altogether
4) A Comic That Made You Want To Make Comics Even If You Never Made Them
5) A Comic That Represents A Kind Of Comic You Have Yet To Explore

Gerhard drawing “Mister and Misses Escher were very proud of their little boy" in progress