Monday, May 6, 2013

What Snake Pit! Transfers! Skinning! Tavern! Dungeon!

early animation/blocking progress by Kevin Matsui

Updated Serpent mesh/rig transferred by Nick Wolensky
New Serpent facial rig created by Paul Ormerod, transferred by Nick, that will now be animated by someone:). Here's how it looked before

Cerebus rig arm/leg code fix by Nick Wolensky
In newer versions of Maya: a script code fix by Nick needs to be applied. Here's how it was before where the rig (arms and legs) get a little wonky in version 2013

Twin's neck skinning issue fixed by Paul Ormerod
And Cerebus leg/arm issue fixed by Nick Wolensky
how it was before (through Cerebus' arms/legs appear fine in this clip as this was a while ago and it was then an earlier version of Maya -the problem only occurs in newer versions of Maya)

patrons animation progress by Rob Ellis

Dungeon model progress by Will Black