Saturday, August 4, 2012

What a trip! Pope? Tavern! Elrod! Merchants! Mob! Brawl!

"Cerebus Psychedelic flower trip" effect progress by John Chen
Swarming flowers etc to be added by John. Scene follows this

here's a clip of Cerebus recovering. I imagine he's leaning on a giant
flower which then disapears.
Here's the Wizard's voiceover:
Cerebus, ignorant of hallucinogens,
was taken by surprise by the Nama
Lotus blossoms...
His thoughts were confused as he
strained to keep his balance...
And here's Cerebus getting really determined:
And here's Cerebus getting himself and his partners to safety

Cerebus pope outfit progress by Jeremy Aucoin

Tavern lighting progress by William Helba

animation progress by Kevin Matsui

Animation progress by Vlad Kulchitskiy

animation progress by Steven Parente

aniamtion progress by Kristopher Houge