Friday, July 13, 2012

What Thrunk! Castle! Merchant Stand! Fog!

"Necross spirit in giant stone monster ("Thrunk")" animation progress by Lorraine Howard

Cerebus-shown-Wizard's-Castle-from-afar animation progress by Matteo Rovatti

Merchant Stand & Props model/texture by Jeremy Aucoin

Lighting/Environment Texturing/Composition progress by Eileen Peng

(Notes: Elrod will have "real" hair and his textures need some fixing: some seams on the face and stretching on the collar. and oops we see Elrod's reflection in the building to the right. Cerebus' eyes rendered a bit wonky. Also, we might want the background to be more out of focus. Maybe thicker fog. Maybe a more detailed bg:) To come: some light beams dancing around to kinda match the sky, which is moving a tad fast. The sky placed is temporary, of course.

Below is a quick try with thicker fog (will make Elrod's textures maybe a bit more muted):