Sunday, May 13, 2012

What Medallions! Tavern! Trotu! Lotus Blossoms!

Cerebus' medallions script/code by Nicholas Wolensky

The medallions in this test were set up using the script Nick made in just a few clicks.

Nick's Medallion instructions: I include a .ma file of the medallion rig itself and then the medallion script. When running the script, the animator can source the script directly and it should run, or they can take the text and place it in the script editor and run it and the window should pop up. The script then asks them to find the location of the medallion rig. Then to import the medallions, you must first have the Cerebus neck ctrl selected. The medallions will import and snap to the neck of Cerebus. The medallions may need to be adjusted on a scene by scene basis, and there is a control attached to the medallions that adjusts various dynamic properties of the chains

Animation progress by Rob Ellis

Animation progress by Matteo Rovatti

Animation progress by Brandon Aument