Friday, December 2, 2011

What Elrod wandering! Pigt! TV!

blocking by David Floyd

modelling progress by Nathan Stiffler

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It's been over a year since Dave Sim did his LAST SIGNING EVER in Halifax, Nova Scotia at Kremer Award winning store STRANGE ADVENTURES and we're still trying to finish our coverage. For the signing itself, you can't beat the coverage by Mike Kitchen (of SPY GUY fame) in his YouTube video so we didn't even try. Living an hour away from Dave in Burlington, Ontario, Mike and Blair (of THE POSSUM fame) drove 18 hours straight with their wives and (between them) six kids for the LAST SIGNING, getting there mere minutes before the 10 pm start time. So what happened when the bars in the neighbourhood let out at 1:30 am and the signing was still going -- and what did Dave Sim do when he found out that Kevin Kennedy was there on his honeymoon (and that he had left his bride sitting by the front door for the last two hours?). Also sneak previews of the Steve McNiven and Troy Little interviews yet to come