Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What Chase! What Foreboding Skull hallway! Captain Zap on Cerebus TV!

Animation progress by Sergi Espada

Animation progress by Sandra Hernàndez

And this weekend and all next week on Cerebus TV:
Celebrating a rare milestone in comics: Rick Norwood's COMIC REVUE celebrates its 300th issue and Dave Sim discusses a few of his favourite strips featured in the magazine. Includes an examination of Rick Norwood's reprinting of PRINCE VALIANT and comparing it to the recent Fantagraphics PRINCE VALIANT volumes. Dave Sim had to buy a PRINCE VALIANT newspaper page from 1938 just to make his point about reproduction, so the least you can do is watch, eh? Also!
CAPTAIN ZAP was only here for two years (1996 - 1998) but garnered praise from such comics luminaries as Will Eisner, Stand Lee, Roberta Gregory, James Kochalka, Howard Cruse, Donna Barr, Batton Lash and Dylan Horrocks. Where did CAPT. ZAP creator Oliver Simonsen go? CEREBUS TV digs deep to find the answer to this decade-old mystery.