Thursday, June 9, 2011

What Guard Rig! Botany Wizardry!

Cerebus Film Progress: Guard rig by Dexter Schenk! ( Blendshapes (and teeth and toungue control) by Dane Parsons!(

Animation progress by Manas Mishra
Below how the scene originally appeared in the comic

And this weekend on Cerebus TV:

A quick look at Xeric award winning cartoonist Gary Scott Beatty's innovative 64-page INDIE COMICS MAGAZINE -- where each contributor buys space and then shares equally in all revenues from sales through Diamond Comic Distributors. A great lead-in to "The Case of the Anunnaki Artifact", Mike Kitchen's contribution to INDIE COMICS MAGAZINE No. 2 with voice-over by the Kitchen Family Players voicing their own characters -- Mike Kitchen as SPYGUY, Erika Kitchen as Erica Korczak, Anika Kitchen as Katie Whips, Raina Kitchen as Two Gun Tiny, Erikson Kitchen as Super Shooter and special guest Dave Sim as both Dr. Golem and the Aliens. Taped last December 20.CEREBUS TV editor Dave Fisher-- who will be getting a lump of coal in his stocking this Christmas -- sincerely apologies for switching the names of Anika and Raina's characters in the credits.