Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What Arch! Fur! Pet!

Arch modelling progress by Steven Shearing
Design by Evan Fireheart from issue #4

The fur is a biggie -no doubt!CG Riders
says: What I've done in this render is to shorten render time. Last time it was over 1 min. Now it's under 15 sec. That's why it looks very different. But this is the way to go. I'll try to control it better.
A hardcore Cerebus fan, Marcus Montgomery, commented: "the fur is cool, but i wouldn't have noticed if you'd have just made him smooth"
To which i responded:
thank you for that -Cerebus fans don't get much bigger than you, so that means a lot. We're giving it a whirl, but yes it's not like in the comic there's ever any lines, details or drawing of fur per se. And with his classic garb added, the vest and medallions, which he'll be wearing throughout most of the film, he'll be even less bare. I figure in either case we'll be good -but it would be really great to nail his fur in cgi:)

Background Wizard demon/monster/pet progress by Aris Dragonis

This weekend on Cerebus TV Episode 70: More adventure diving through Dave Sim's bottomless pile of pre-Canada Post strike mail. This week Claude Flowers sends a reading copy set of THE MICRONAUTS -- a series that bowled him over as a kid -- Sim muses on the long-delayed THE MORNING AFTER print with Joe Rbuinstein. Arlen Schumer comes through with some incredible timely photo reference for Westport, Connecticutt in the 1950s and the interview segment takes a look at the work of Mark Wheatley and Marc Hempel as Dave Sim interjects from the sidelines (interview by John M. Scrudder).