Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What Robe! Reality! Crawling! Fright! Building! Crystal Shattering! Mash-up!

High Priest Robe creation/dynamics by Shaun Martin

Animation progress by Elisabeth Leeb

Animation progress by Sandra Liliana Hernandez Aya

Animation progress by Manas Mishra

Street Building modeling progress by Yousef Zeidan
based on design (see below) by Evan FireHeart

Sword going through Crystal animation/dynamics by John Chen

Cerebus mash-up (not complete enough to call a trailer:))
This weekend on Cerebus TV :
Dave Sim looks at the animation bumpers appearing throughout CTV and offers praise and criticism (We'll have to step it up, folks!). Will a film based on the earth-pig born ever see the light of day and defeat the odds?