Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What Wizard's serpent, energy incantation and flame Jewel?

Tentacle modeling progress by John Chen

That serpent is summoned by the Wizard for our climactic battle, but all of it like the Flame Jewel that Cerebus and his two "brothers-in-crime" so eagerly seek is but an illusion. Below the Flame Jewel that eventually turns into a walnut (issue #1). Modeling progress on this central aspect to the story is by Reginald Pierre

And below the Wizard himself. Ap0logies for the rough render and edit.

Below the page as the scene originally appeared:
and don't forget this weekend: CEREBUS TV E53
"What am I working on right now?" Or, rather, what was Dave Sim working on just before Christmas, 2010. The Church & State Dream Wall was finally done: Sim's biggest commission ever for an art collector in Michigan. He was also working on the cover to CEREBUS ARCHIVE #12 (the First Day Cover now available from ComiXpress) and -- having just been drawing Cerebus' mother-in-law, Mrs. Henrot Gutch for the Church & State Dream Wall -- got to thinking about the model for the character, the grandmother character from the GILES cartoons. Which leads of "Dave Sim's Top 5 Giles grandmother cartoons" PLUS! "The slowest comic book ever produced by Dave Sim": would you believe it took him all year to produce two pages?

It's the fastest half hour of Internet Comics TV!