Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What Brawl! What Despuess! What "Holster"! What Dish! What Courtyard! What Minotaur!

Early animation progress by Ryan Smith

Animation progress by Jason Minos

Wizard's Courtyard modeling progress by Ludovic Leleu

Wizard's Minotaur modeling progress by Steven Shearing

"Dog Dish" for Spikes modeling progress by Reginald Pierre

Elrod's sword "holster" modeling progress by Kyle Horne

This weekend on CEREBUS TV EPISODE 54
Continuing coverage of the September 2010 THE LAST SIGNING Dave Sim's Last Signing EVER! All this week: the LAST newspaper photo session and LAST newspaper interview with the HALIFAX CHRONICLE HERALD. LAST two "Funny Famous People Stories" from the photographer and reporter (about Jimmy Carter and Christopher Walken respectively). "WORST PHOTOGRAPHER EXPERIENCE EVER" from 1993. ALSO! MOUSEGUARD's David Petersen interviewed by John Scrudder about an encounter with a skunk. Don't miss FOLLOWING CEREBUS #12 -- back after a 3-year hiatus -in July with a Sim/Petersen CEREBUS/MOUSE GUARD cover!