Saturday, November 6, 2010

What Animators!

Below we have coincidentally progress on 3 scenes, with some gapes aside, follow each other sequentially.

Lipsynch animation of the High Priest as Despuess goes to drop off Cerebus at Necross dwelling. Facial and body animation coming up. animation by Justin Rogers.

Early animation progress (some rough poses studies)by Marcelo Pirk of the High Priest cursing towards Necross' dwelling.

Animation by Jason Minos of Cerebus and Despuess as they are confronted by Necross.

And all this weekend Cerebus TV's episode 2 of Season 2!
Here's Dave Sim on this weeks episode:-
"He was only a barbarian for the first 20 or so issues of his 300-issue run but it's still the most popular version of the aardvark. Dave Sim traces the origins of 'Cerebus the Barbarian" including Rob...ert E. Howard, Barry Windsor-Smith's 'Red Nails' adaptation and others.