Friday, November 19, 2010

What this and that!?

Prison modeling progress by John Chen
City modeling and texturing by Vijay R.. Additional models and props by Luis Segarra
Lighting for day time by Ritesh Gupta

animation by Dane Parsons ( And I played with the editing and rendering of some of his camera placement. I messed up on the fps, so the lip synch went out (apologies to the voice artist John Munt:)) -but hey not a total loss: made a little CTV bumper out of it:)

Catch Cerebus TV tonight 10PM Eastern and all weekend long :

It was 20 years ago today (or close to!) That Michael Dalton "Doc" Allred brought MADMAN to market for the first time. Dave Sim reminisces about that first Tunda mini-series that seemed to merge Bob Burden's FLAMING CARROT with the "pop cutter" Jamie Hernandez, Dave Stevens and …. Charles Burns?!

Also the FIRST EVER general auction of glamourpuss artwork -- six selected pieces from the first three years of glamoupuss, including THAT RUSS HEATH GIRL 1 from glamourpuss 16

Someday when there's an OVERSTREET PRICE GUIDE FOR COMICS TVPROGRAM, the November 19th episode of CEREBUS TV is sure to be cited for two 'first appearances':

First appearance of "What's the Hottest Item in Comic Stores This Month" with guest judge MADVARK. First appearance of the Follicly-Challenged Neil Gaiman of Earth-Two's Follicly-Challenged Grasshopper Cam! Comic book TV will never be the same!

DOUBLE BONUS: What is Mike and Laura Allred's most important work? An October interview with Mike and Laura about the proposed Rodriguez MADMAN film and I, ZOMBIE