Friday, September 24, 2010

What Summer?

Summer is over! I believe summer lasts till the 22nd. And we're working on getting a polished trailer finished. We could have one up already with all the pieces we have, of course, but there are certain scenes we want in and we don't want to rush it as we really want it to stand out.
Above is the Pigt scene created by Leleu Ludovic. The rendering is still a little rough, apologies to Ludo. You'll note the Statue is missing. It's done, but just having a rendering issue. Had several rendering/transfer from zbrush to Maya issues on this one. Unlike the interior Necross Lair, this one has been one thing after another. But the model itself is fantastic and you'll note when you look at the drawn pages from the comic how faithful he's been to the source.
Below is also Kerem Gogus having started on the Palace from issue 1, following the concept painting by Turlo Griffin.
Also, we have a couple of riggers and animators who have joined us and I'll be dsiplaying their work soon.
This weekend: is Dave Sim's last signing, it's a whole weekend event so if you can make it it's sure to be an unforgettable time.

There's also talk of a new Cerebus comic by Dave Sim himself called "Cerebus: The Afterlife"

And of course don't forget our own webcomics at